IMPLEMENTATION OF GOOD CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Good Corporate Governance (GCG) is a structure and mechanism that regulates company management so as to produce long-term sustainable economic value for shareholders and stakeholders. This Corporate Governance is structured as a reference in managing PT Jamkrida Central Java based on the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) which become the rules and guidelines for the Company's management in carrying out its business activities.

The implementation of GCG principles is based on Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 3 / POJK.05 / 2017 concerning Governance of the Guarantor Institution that regulates the governance, provisions and guidelines for implementing GCG in the Company. The elaboration of the basis for implementing GCG is also clarified in the Governor Regulation, guidelines and based on the applicable laws and regulations.

1. Transparency

In realizing transparency, the Company provides a variety of complete, accurate and timely information to stakeholders. The company communicates its vision, goals and strategies in an ongoing and sustainable manner. one of them through annual meetings with employees.

The Company regularly submits to the Financial Services Authority and also publishes financial information and other information that is material and has a significant impact on the Company's performance in an accurate and timely manner. In addition, stakeholders can easily access important information about the company when needed.

2. Accountability

The Board of Commissioners conducts effective and efficient supervision and monitoring of the management carried out by the Board of Directors for the implementation of the check and balances mechanism.

These include oversight carried out through various committees owned by the Directors. In addition, the Company also has SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), an early detection system, awards and disciplinary actions. and proper and good internal control structure.

3. Responsibility

The Company conforms to the management of the Company with the laws and regulations in the field of guarantee and ethical values as well as the standards, principles and practices of conducting a healthy guarantee business.

The Board of Directors is required to manage the Company in good faith and full responsibility. Good faith in this matter implies that the Board of Directors in carrying out the management of the Company only prioritizes the interests of the Company solely, and does not take advantage of the position of the Board of Directors to obtain benefits directly or indirectly from the Company unfairly. This is exemplified in its obligations to avoid as much as possible a situation where the interests and obligations of the Directors are conflicting interests with the interests of the Company and / or obligations of the Directors to the Company, and to utilize the Company's assets for personal interests.

The company also always and continuously implements the practice of conducting a healthy guarantee business for stakeholders, one of which is manifested in the form of corporate social responsibility to the community.

4. Independence

The Company is managed independently and professionally and is free from conflicts of interest and influence or pressure from any party that is not in accordance with the laws and regulations in the field of guarantee and ethical values as well as the standards, principles and practice of conducting a healthy guarantee business.

To increase independence in business decision making. The Company has developed a number of rules, guidelines, and practices, especially at the Board of Directors level, for the implementation of an independent and professional management of the Company in accordance with the laws and regulations in the field of guarantee and ethical values as well as standards, principles, and practices for the implementation of a healthy guarantee business.

5. Fairness

Clarity of functions and implementation of corporate organ responsibility in the form of General Meeting of Shareholders, Directors and Board of Commissioners so that the Company's performance can run transparently, naturally, effectively and efficiently.

The company is committed to maintaining high standards for the implementation of good corporate governance, which is one of the main prerequisites for the success and sustainability of its business. We continue to improve and implement good corporate governance policies and procedures that are relevant to the company and in line with laws and regulations and best practices.

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