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Our Responsibility

We aim to continuously manage the business responsibly, in the long-term interests of all stakeholders; customers, shareholders, employees, regulators, agents and surrounding communities.

Our CSR strategy provides an interconnected picture. This strategy is summarized into 3 parts: 'Part of the People', 'Proud to be here', and 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle'

Part of the People

We recognize that our business activities, services and operations affect many stakeholders and we strive to make the surrounding community support in our presence.

Proud to be here

The culture and values that we create encourage employees to be able to provide optimum added value to the Company. Attention to well-being is continuously improved and increased. Balance is our main goal

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We aim to manage our operations on an ongoing basis, using only what is needed.

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+62 24 7477 666

PT Jamkrida Jateng (Perseroda)

Jl Dr Setiabudi 128
Semarang 50263
Email : customer.service@en.jamkrida-jateng.co.id


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