Searching – Opportunity

We work with you to determine the risk profile with the following methods :

  1. Building understanding through thorough research to your business and focusing on our overall business objectives
  2. Identifying the risks that offer the greatest opportunity for improvement process
  3. Engaging core stakeholders to better understand the strategies in the following fields :
    - Risk identification & Assessment
    - Reducing the risk impact & risk controls
    - Risk tolerance
    - Financial risk
    - Cost control (fund reserves in case of risks)

Setting - Solution

We design our risk guarantee program that is able to :

  1. Achieve a clear rate of return on investment through a cost benefit analysis
  2. Reduce instability and cost by providing the best products and designs
  3. Perform the best practices with existing capital and resource allocations

Send - Result

We work with you to provide

  1. The calculation of your business risk profile & risk mitigation, at the time of applying credit guarantee, to provide solutions to achieve your goals, to improve relationships and to build trust
  2. A clearer view on the service price and the scope of work of Jamkrida Jateng
  3. Promises about the allocation of Jamkrida Jateng's and customers' resources
  4. Metrics to measure success
  5. The company's objectives that are implemented and continuous monitoring to the achieved results

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