Jamkrida Jateng provides an effective risk management program. Our team can complete the existing programs or provide you with better risk management functions. Our main focuses are on :

  • Strategy and Implementation Plan
  • Risk Control
  • Claim Management

Many businesses see guarantee risk in one way i.e as the price of the product to be purchased and the lower is the better. That is the way to assess a credit guarantee program because it is the only thing they know. However, an incomplete view on risk is a very risky approach to protect your business.


Because risk does not occur in a static space, but occurs in the context of your business. And, if your assets are not protected, the negative impact on your business will be expensive.

In Jamkrida Jateng, we see it from the overall images. We are committed to reveal hidden risks that threaten under the surface, but more important, we are committed to make a positive impact on your business.

That's why we have developed a unique "3S" approach. Through this mindset approach, we use our time and dedicate resources to understand the business and develop guarantee programs that can be adjusted to provide a positive financial impact and added-value to our customers

Of course not. Each customer has a unique business model that shall be analyzed when evaluating risks. We always start the finding process by understanding you and developing a risk management strategy plan that is adjusted to your needs. The plan considers many factors such as detailed risk, business projections, long-term financial goals, cash flow and management structure.

The difference is that we offer all managerial and administrative services to be applied to the risk management programs. We provide a early and comprehensive evaluation, including managing risks of re-guarantee or sharing risks to other insurance companies.

Jamkrida Jateng more emphasizes on risk control. An in-depth understanding on risk control can benefit all parties that can have a direct impact on business continuity. We specifically design, conduct socialization/campaigns about the need for openness and fairness of information submitted by our customers.

  • Credit Guarantee Loss Trends

The most effective way to start a risk control program is to identify the loss rate regularly, Informing the results to Internal and External parties (customer/guarantee recipients) who have cooperated with. Our risk management information system allows customers/guarantee recipients to know the occurring trends.

  • Compliance with regulations

We comply with regulatory provisions regarding cost control, including Gearing ratio. If you have questions about certain regulations, please contact us and we are ready to help.

  • Underwriting Support

We can provide identification, determination, evaluation and qualification for your business. It is our policy to assist you in performing surveys to ensure that you are treated fairly and provided with the necessary services.

  • Special Projects

Our business allows providing consulting services related to guarantee including guarantee for various projects. Please contact us directly to discuss how we can help you.

Yes, our claims team will work professionally and then pay claims fairly, quickly and accurately. We also have a separate claim unit that specializes in managing your claim program

  • Claims Program Design

Claim programs that prioritize on detailed administrative procedures includes: reporting procedures in accordance with applicable regulations, fraud prevention in risk management, medical management, data preparation for audit requirements.

  • Claim Audit and Investigation

We aims to work with other parties to be able to assess and analyze the occurring claims. We use standard assessment system to be able to improve the claim performance, acceleration and accuracy over time.

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