Jamkrida Jateng Privacy Policy

How does Jamkrida Jateng treat data collected from the data of your visit?
Our main business is guarantee. We recognize that the information we get from you is very confidential. To do this, protecting your privacy is a priority for us.  Jamkrida Jateng uphold the commitment to keep the confidentiality and security of your information. Whether you are a prospective customer/customer, partner, or job applicant, your information will be protected not only by applicable privacy laws, but more importantly it is our commitment to safeguard your privacy and safeguard your right to determine how that information will be used.

You can browse all the content on the Jamkrida Jateng website anonymously. And if we wish to obtain, process or use personal data from your visit on this site, we will notify you in advance.
When you complete an information request form, you should be aware that you agree to provide us with your personal information.
If you decide not to complete an information request form or leave this site, we will not retain the data you have provided.

JWe would like to obtain personal information, you may decide which personal data we may receive and how we should use it. We will only collect your personal data if you agree and to the extent necessary to help meet your various needs, for example:

  • Offer the product or service you want
  • Improving our Services
  • Informing you of our other products or services

When you provide information to us, such information will not proceed to the other party without your consent or be legally permitted. We may share your data with our affiliates and/or third parties for the purpose of administering
We may also collect and prepare statistics we get from our site regarding customers, sales, patterns traffic, and services and provide such statistics to third parties, but such statistics will not contain personal information that can be used to identify a person.

We respect your privacy rights, especially the right to access information. If you request, and to the extent required by applicable law, we will inform your personal data that we have received through this site.
We strive to keep your data accurate. If you would like to provide changes or to provide correction to your data, please contact us via the contact listed on this site.

Questions about Data Privacy
If you have any further questions about your privacy at Jamkrida Jateng, you may contact us at  customer.service@en.jamkrida-jateng.co.id  or contact:

Jamkrida Jateng
Jl dr Setiabudi No 128. Semarang 50263
Tel: +62-24-7477 666
Fax: +62-24-7497 0001

Thank you for visiting Jamkrida Jateng and we hope you can always serve you.

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