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Jamkrida Central Java first entered the Guarantee Industry market in 2015 - a "newcomer" industry, with a solid and experienced management team. We have moved quickly forward, adjusting to customer needs.

The strategy of obtaining, utilizing, developing and retaining workers in accordance with the needs of the company now and its development in the future is the key to the success of Jamkrida Central Java to achieve VISION 2039

To ensure that jamkrida jateng reaches vision 2039 then the two categories that are the priority are :

  1. Recruitment initiative to attract individuals who have high performance and integrity.
  2. Initiative develops and maintains individuals who have leadership and skills according to each one's specialization.

High Expectations, Great Opportunities

We are looking for individuals who can share and serve for tasks that show talent / ability to grow and excel in character. At Jamkrida Central Java, we value the diversity of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We are looking for individuals from every different industry with various levels of experience. Combining expertise and experience from various professions is the key to innovation in Jamkrida Central Java.


For further information, please contact the HR Department of PT Jamkrida Jateng

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+62 24 7477 666

PT Jamkrida Jateng (Perseroda)

Jl Dr Setiabudi 128
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Email : customer.service@en.jamkrida-jateng.co.id


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