Productive Credit Guarantee

Is a Business Activity of PT Jamkrida Jateng to provide guarantees to banking and non-banking institutions for credits given to MSME’s. The role of Jamkrida Jateng is to provide guarantees/compensation for non-payment (non-performing loan collectability) of credits distributed by banking or non-banking institutions to MSMEs.

Type of Financial Institution Credit Guarantees

  • Partner 25 Credit Guarantee
  • BPR Micro Credit Guarantee (KMB)
  • Melati Credit Guarantee
  • Project Credit Guarantee

Benefits of Credit Guarantee.

Extending MSMEs access to funding sources, Reducing the risk encountered by banks due to providing credit to MSMEs

Users of Credit /Financing Guarantee Services

  • National Government/Private Banks, including BPR
  • Bank Pembangunan Daerah
  • Cooperatives
  • Financing Institutions

Counter Bank Guarantee

Counter Bank Guarantee (Construction/Non-Construction) is guarantee provided by Jamkrida Jateng to Banks which issue Bank Guarantees for the interests of Guaranteed/principals, because the Guaranteed/Principal does not perform its obligations as set out in the contract/contract defaults.  

Types of Counter Bank Guarantee (Construction/Non-Construction)
Counter Bank Guarantee (Construction / Non-Construction) is a three-party agreement involving Bank, Guaranteed/Principal and Jamkrida Jateng under Indemnity Agreement mechanism, which is a form of SPKMGR (Statement of Indemnity Agreement) to the Guaranteed/Principal, in which if Jamkrida Jateng has paid claims to the Bank, then, the Guaranteed/Principal shall to return to Jamkrida Jateng an amount of claim that has been paid by Jamkrida Jateng to the Bank. 

Types of Counter Bank Guarantees (Construction / Non-Construction)

  1. Bid Bond
  2. Performance Bond
  3. Advance Payment Bond
  4. Maintenance Bond

Customs Bond

Is a guarantee given to the Principal/Importer/Exporter Manufacturer as a guarantee in relation to delay facilities, exemption from import duty and other customs obligations for the benefit of the country

Types of Customs and Excise Facilities that we can guarantee are :

  1. KITE (Kemudahan Impor Tujuan Expor)
  2. Temporary Import (OB 23)
  3. Suspension of Customs Duties Payment (Vooruitslag)
  4. Enter-port Production for Export Destinations and Bonded Zones (EPTE/KABER)
  5. Correction Note (Notul)
  6. Custom Bond - PPJK
  7. Custom Bond - Storage Service
  8. Custom Bond - Temporary Stockpiling Place

Surety Bond

Providing guarantees to the Project Owner/ obligee/ bouwheer against any losses arising from non-fulfillment of obligations by Project Executor/Principal on a project (construction/non-construction) within a predetermined time limit.

Types of Surety Bond (construction/non-construction) :

  1. Bid Bond
  2. Performance Bond
  3. Advance Payment Bond
  4. Maintenance Bond

Multipurpose Credit Guarantee

Is a guarantee for credit/financing provided by the Guarantee Recipient to the Guaranteed, individuals (permanent employees of a company/government agency), whether the distribution is made directly or through other institutions, in which the repayment is made by cutting the Guaranteed's salaries and the guarantee application process is made collectively.

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