PT Jamkrida Jateng is a Guarantee Company that has been established based on the Regulation of Central Java Province No. 2 of 2014. This Company has been established on 6 December 2014, under the name Perseroan Terbatas Penjaminan Kredit Daerah Provinsi Jawa Tengah , abbreviated as PT Jamkrida Jateng, signed by Mr. Ganjar, Pranowo, Central Java Governor, as the Controlling Shareholder of PT Jamkrida Jateng drawn before Notary Prof DR Liliana Tedjosaputro, SH, MH, MM with Deed Number 38 and has obtain approval from the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, based on the Decree Number: AHU-38355.40.10.2014 dated 8 December 2014.

PT Jamkrida Jateng has obtained a Business License from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) on 3 February 2015 with the excerpt of the Decision of Board of Commissioners of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Number: KEP – 7 / D.05 / 2015.

In 2018, Jamkrida Jateng has achieved positive performance with total Gross IJP Revenue (Cash Basis) from the Guarantee business of more than IDR 56 billion and total financial institutions and cooperatives partners of 113 Partners.

Jamkrida Jateng offers various financial services including credit guarantees, surety bonds, custom bonds, counter bank guarantees and management consultancies for MSMEs and Productive Businesses in Central Java. Through reliable and professional Resources, Jamkrida Jateng has served and guaranteed more than 236,670 Guaranteed in Central Java.

Jamkrida Jateng is everything related to Guarantees. At the time we have agreement with you, we will treat you wisely and confidentially.

The Composition of Shareholders of PT Jamkrida Jateng

As of 31 July 2019

Government of Central Java Province Rp       140   Billion 96,58%
Cooperative KPRI Bhakti Praja Rp            2   Billion 1,38%
Government of Temanggung District Rp        550  Million 0,38%
Government of Grobogan District Rp        400  Million 0,28%
Government of Demak District Rp             2  Billion 1,38%
Total Rp 144,950  Billion 100,00%

PT Jamkrida Jateng is registered in and supervised by Financial Service Authority (OJK).

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PT Jamkrida Jateng (Perseroda)

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